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New Products – July 14th 2016.

We Have A New Range Of Table Flags Now In Stock.

Our New 6″ x 4″ Table Flags Come Either With A Chrome Pole And Base Or A Plastic Pole And Base :

Cochinchina – Historical Vietnamese Flag.

Manu’atele – A Beautiful American Samoan Island.

SriLankan Airlines – Sri Lanka’s Leading Airline.

Air Laos – Former Airline Of Laos.

Hunza – A Former Princely State In Pakistan, Now In The Gilgit – Baltistan Region Of Pakistan.

Indochina – Fromer Flag Used By The French During Their Reign In Southeast Asia, Comprising Vietnam, Cambodia And Laos.

Iqualit – The Capital Of Nunavut, A Self Governing Territory In Canada With A Predominately Eskimo Population.

Assam – A State In India, Beautiful Place And Home To One Of The Best Tea’s In The World.

Anguilla – This Flag Was Used Between 1967 – 1980.  This Is An Idyllic Island In The Caribbean.

Camara de Lobos – This Is A Municipality, Parish & City In South – Central Madeira, A Portuguese Island In The Atlantic Ocean.

Aberdeen – A Beautiful City In Scotland, And Also Scotland’s Third Largest City, It Has Several Nicknames Including The Granite City.

Aland Islands – An Autonomous Group Of Islands Off The South West Of Finland.

Angus – A Regional Council In Scotland.

Ascension Island – An Almost Inhospitable Island In The Atlantic Ocean, Owned By The UK And Leased To The USA For NASA And The Military.

Bali – An Indonesian Island Of Absolute Beauty And Stunning Beaches, The Balinese People Are Very Welcoming And Hospitable, A Hot Spot For Tourists From Australia.

Bonaire – A Dutch Possession In The Caribbean, And Again A Stunning And Beautiful Island.

Bougainville – An Island To The North East Of Papua New Guinea, Scenes Of Some Of The Bloodiest Battles Of World War II.

Caithness County – The Most North Easterly County On Mainland Scotland, Next Stop Are The Orkney Islands.

Chicago – One Of The Most Populous Cities In The USA, Home To Huge Manufacturing Industries And Also Nicknamed The Windy City.

County Tyrone – One Of The Six Counties Of Northern Ireland.

Gran Canaria – This Is The Second Most Populous Island Within The Canary Islands, A Stunning Island Favored By The British For Their Winter Blues.

Greater Manchester – England’s Second City, Surrounded With History.

Jersey (Pennant) – This Is A Storm Pennant Used Instead Of The More Common Jersey Flag, Used More Frequently With Higher Winds.

Martinique – A French Island Within The Caribbean.  This Is A Very Special And Beautiful Island, Again Surrounded In History.

Potomac HQ – This Was One Of Rome’s Flags During The Roman Wars In The Early Century’s BC – AD

Rome – The Eternal City Or Also Known As The Capital Of The World.  This Is Italy’s Capital And A Must See For All You Adventures And Archaeologists.

St. Barthelemy – Another French Island In The Caribbean.  St. Barts As Its Commonly Known Is One Of The Most Beautiful Islands Within The Caribbean, Lying Just South Of Anguilla And St. Martin (French Half) St. Maarten (Dutch Half).

Shetland Islands – Scotland’s Most Northerly Possession.  The Shetlands Lie Half Way Between Scotland And The Faroe Islands And Also About The Same Distance To Norway.

Venice – This Is The Flag Of The Province Of Venice In Italy, Famous For Its Gondola’s And Canals.

Zaire – Former Flag Used Between 1991 – 1997, Zaire Was Re-Named The Democratic Republic Of The Congo In 1997.

Zeeland – Zeeland Is A Province Of The Netherlands Bordering Belgium.

Zulu – This Is The Flag Of The Zulu People Of South Africa.



Today We Received Some New Flags, Which Are Yet To Be Uploaded Into Our Shop, Here Is The List Of New Flags, All 5ft x 3ft And All At An Unbelievable Price Of Just £8 Plus Postage :

Oktoberfest – A Famous Beer Drinking Experience In Munich, Germany During September Or October.

Ice Cream – A Lovely Tasty Summer Experience.

Caution – For You Road Or School, To Allow Motorists That There Are Children About This Area.

Fresh Hot Coffee – A Morning Delight With Me To Get Me In The Mood For A Superb Day, Loved By Millions Of People.

USSR Marine Naval Ensign (1936 – 1992) – Used By The Former Soviet Union’s Marines.

Kirkcudbrightshire – The UK’s (Or Scotland’s) Latest County Flag.

Afro – American Flag With The Map Of Africa In The Centre.

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