AWB Afrikaner Resistance Movement (South Africa)

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AWB Afrikaner Resistance Movement (South Africa)
Our Budget AWB Afrikaner Flag Has A Double Stitched Hem
Around The Edge, And A Reinforced Edge On The Hanging Side.  Our
AWB Afrikaner Flags Are Screen Printed Onto 100% Woven  
Polyester, 75 Denier.  They Come With Two Metal Eyelets Unless
Stated Otherwise.

This Flag Came Into Use On  :  1973 ?.

Description :  The AWB Flag Is Composed Of Three Black Sevens (Forming A Triskelion) In A White Circle Upon A Red Background.  The Sevens, "The Number Of JAHWEH", 'Stand Oppose The Number 666, The Number Of The Anti-Christ'.  Red Is Considered To Represent The Blood Of Jesus, While Black Stands For Bravery And Courage.  The Inner White Circle Represents The "Eternal Struggle", Or According To Other Sources "Eternal Life".  The Flag Resembles The The Swastika Flag Used By The Nazi Party And Nazi Germany.

Jersey Flags & Flags Are Us Has No Sympathies With Any Nazi, Facist,
Terrorist Or Other Neo-Political/Military Parties Past Or Present,  
All Material Presented Herein Is For Historical Purposes Only.​  
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