Crow Nation  (Montana)  (USA)
Crow Nation  (Montana)  (USA)
Crow Nation  (Montana)  (USA)
Crow Nation  (Montana)  (USA)
Crow Nation  (Montana)  (USA)

Crow Nation (Montana) (USA)

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Crow Nation (Montana) (USA)
Our Premier Flags Are Dye Printed And Made From
100% Ministry Of Defence Standard Knitted Polyester.

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Description :  The Crow (Also Known As The Apsaalooke In Their Own Siouan Language) In Historical Times Lived In The Yellowstone River Valley, Which Extended From Present Day Wyoming, Through Montana And Into North Dakota, Where It Joined The Missouri River.  Today Most Of The Crow Tribe Live In Montana.  The Flag Of The Crow Tribe Is A Light Blue With The Tribal Seal In The Centre.  The Pipe On The Seal Was Traditionally Offered As A First Placating Step In Any Significant Petition Of The Crow People, An Offer Not To Be Refused By Mortals.  Above It Is "The Sacred Medicine Bundle".  This Bundle Contains Sacred Tobacco Seeds, Tobacco Being The Only Significant Crop Of The Crow People.  These Particular Seeds Are Believed To Be The Original And Supernatural Blessing Of The Crow That Led Them To Their Present Home.  Above This Is The "Sweat Lodge" A Place Of Purification For Both Mind And Body And A Practice Frequently Employed Prior To Any Major Undertaking By The Crow People.  The Perfectly Symmetrical Tepee Represents The Values Of A Good Home And The Home Of The Crow People.  Behind The Tepee Are Three Mountain Ranges, The Wolf Mountains, The Big Horn Mountains And The Pryor Mountains.  The Rays Of The Sun Represent Twelve Of The Original Thirteen Clans Of The Crow People.  The Thirteenth, The "Greasy Mouth" Clan, Commonly Referred To As The Sun Worshipers, Is Represented By The Sun Itself.  On Each Side Of The Tepee Is A Crow War Bonnet, The One On The Left Being Slightly Larger.  One Represents The Clan Chiefs On The Mother's Side, The Other Being The Clan Chiefs On The Father's Side.  Both Lend Guidance, Inspiration And Protection To All Tribal Members.   

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