Odinic Raven (Viking)

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Odinic Raven (Viking)
Our Budget Odinic Raven Flag Has A Double Stitched Hem Around
The Edge, And A Reinforced Edge On The Hanging Side.  Our Odinic
Raven Flags Are Screen Printed Onto 100% Woven Polyester, 75 
Denier.  They Come With Two Metal Eyelets Unless Stated Otherwise.

This Flag Came Into Use In  :  9th - 11th Century.    

Description :  Odin Was A Norse God Who Had Two Ravens Called Huginn (Which Means Thought) And Muninn (Which Means Memory).  In Norse Mythology Odin Was The Highest God, He Was The God Of Healing, Death, Royalty, The Gallows, Knowledge, Battle, Sorcery, Poetry, Frenzy And The Runic Alphabet.  This Flag Is The Flag Dedicated To The God Odin And His Ravens.
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Code MID
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